Having trouble? Here are some common questions and answers about our features and functions.


You can see available rebates under the "My Rebates Wallet" tab on the left menu. Or in the alerts menu on the upper right corner of the screen, click the link "you've got rebates".

If you do not see any rebates in your wallet or have an alert, you do not yet have any rebates.

The rebates page has colored buttons for each a rebates status:

  • Green rebates are available for processing.
  • Blue rebates have been requested.
  • Purple rebates are being processed. 
  • Black are ineligible/declined.

Clicking a green rebate will submit your rebates for review with our finance team. Once purchases are confirmed, you will receive an email direct from our staff confirming your rebates with next steps.

Please note that you must collect a minimum of $15 in rebates to be eligible for payment. Not all listed rebates are eligible as they are subject to verification of each vendor's rebate policies and purchase verification.

To register, click on the 'Register' link in 'My Account' Section of the footer, or go to the the homepage and click on the 'Join Skipwish' button. Simply enter the information as instructed in each field, enter the security code (appearing in the blue and white image) and submit. Fields with a red asterisk are required. Or you can just click on social icons to register.

If you have forgotten your password, click on the 'Forgot my password' link below the login field and follow instructions. You will receive email. Follow instruction to complete password reset process

If you are not a member on Skipwish and do not wish to register, we're sorry to see you go but we understand (that's why we've built this site for you in mind). You should have received an email from the site giving you access to the gift list you are now a 'Gift Giver' on. To search, however, simply go to homepage and type person's name in 'Search Person' Field and click on magnifiying glass and person you're searchin might appear. By clicking 'View List' will give your access to person's list or you can click on person's name to access profile. If your email address has been added as a gifter on the list, you will gain access to the list, or you might have password for the list that gives you access.

To change your profile information, while logged in, click on the 'Update Profile' link in right top corner under profile icon, next to alerts or on 'Update Profile' in the upper right corner of the block. It's pretty simple from there.

To change gift list information, while logged in, lock on the 'My Gift Lists', select your list to be edited. Click on 'Actions'->'Edit List'

When you create or edit a list, select "don't show me" from the dropdown list if you do not wish to see the status of the gifts. click "show me" if you do wish to see the status.

If you're unsure how to access their list, see question number 4 to learn how to search for the list. Once you do find it, you will notice that each gift has a 'status' this status refers to whether a gift has been purchased, called for, and so forth. You may edit this to show everyone whether you have purchased a gift or not.

Groups are simply referring to the relationship you have with the gift giver or community member. We chose the word 'Group' because users told us that 'relationship' was too confusing. Basically, it's simply asking you to let us know if the list you are creating is intended for (or the person you are adding to your community/gift givers) friends, family, coworkers, a significant other, and so forth.

The grab bag function is simply a way of automatically drawing names for Secret Santa. If you get creative enough with the names and numbers, you can also do a Yankee Swap. Simply enter all the peoples' names and add additional members which will just have numbers instead of names, block all people from getting one another, and block all the numbers from getting one another as well...see the next question to learn how to block certain people from being paired up.

The grab bag function has a pretty neat ability to handle this problem. If you do not wish to get your significant other in a grab bag or secret Santa drawing, simply look up the serial number that their name is associated with (on the far left column) and enter it into the far right column next to your name. Do the same for your friends and family if they haven't done it in time for the drawing.

On each item, there is a section for the member to place multiple links where you can find it. The member can also write other places to find the gift in the fields provided and any other additional information. Sometimes gift has 'Buy Gift' button to simplify the process. When you are viewing someone's list, click on the gift to get all the additional information.

You can search for Skipwish users in the top search bar, to add them to a gift list. Once they confirm the friendship, you can choose to add them in a category, which will automatically add them to any lists you associate that category too. If you add Bob as a friend and create a gift list for friends, Bob will automatically be able to see the gift list). You may also add that person directly by clicking the 'Actions'->'Add Gift Giver To List' button on the field to add gift givers.

To add someone to your gift list who is not a member, click on the 'My Community' link and click on 'Add Gift Giver'. From there you can add, edit, or delete email addresses to that list's gift givers. When you are editing your lists, simply choose to search for gift givers or add a gift giver and select from your list of givers (both members and non-member email addresses).

You may only view lists you have been given access to. For security purposes, not all gift lists are public, and just because someone is in your community does not mean you have been provided access to all their lists. Each list has its privacy settings. To view another person's list, your email address or the relationship you belong to (friends, family, etc.) must be selected in that list's settings by the person who created this it. If there is a password, you will also need that.

When you create a gift list, you need to specify who the list is sent to and who can view the list! You can create public, individual, or private groups. To change this setting, go to 'My Gift Lists' and select the edit (pencil icon) button for the corresponding list. At the bottom of the information panel, select the checkboxes that correspond to the groups you would like to view your list (see 'Categories to send list to'). You may also select persons by adding them to your 'Gift Givers' List in 'Community'. You can do that inside Gift List too by clicking 'Actions'->'Add Gift Givers'.

Adding Gifts Directly (Without The EZ App)

Add Gift to List

  1. Under "Option 1", you can paste a link from any website.  When you click Next Button, it will automatically scrape and import the data from the URL
  2. Under "Option 2", you can enter gift information directly (enter the name, price, image, where to find the gift, etc.)

Congrats, you're done with your first list.  You can close this window now.


The purpose of Skipwish is to provide family and friends the opportunity to share one anothers' gift lists with each other for holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions. By clicking on 'My Gift Lists', you may add, edit, delete, or send your gift lists. You may also add, edit, or delete gifts for each corresponding list. There are many functions for the My Gift Lists function including calendar-based auto-sending lists, gift giver management, postpone ability, and more. Click into it to learn more and give it a shot for yourself!

Throughout the year, people take the opportunity to have some fun with their gifting experience by participating in grab bag types of games. Although the more traditional names of these games are 'Yankee Swap', 'Secret Santa', and others, we've simplified our game by calling it 'Grab Bag'. Here, an administrator has the ability to add his/her friends and family into a grab bag game. Members can be added by email or through the search function. Once all members have confirmed that they would like to play (or have been allowed by the administrator), the administrator, with the click of a button, can mix and match players in the game and the members are automatically notified via email, to whom they are supposed to buy a gift for. To learn more, click on the Grab Bag tab on the Skipwish Menu!

Need exchange ideas?  Check out our white elephant and christmas gift exchange ideas article complete with embedded lists!

"Show Me If Purchased" controls the your visibility of gift statuses.  Use "Don't Show Me", to keep it a surprise.

Date & Time of Occasion / Date To Be Sent:  We use the date of occasion, to send out automated reminders.  If you would prefer to select your own date, enter "Date To Be Sent".

Who Can View?  Share your this list by selecting "Certain Groups"

  1. A list of groups will appear, such as "Family" and "Friends".
  2. Use the "Guest Password" field to allow access for certain non-registrered individuals. Make it simple.
  3. Select "Everyone" to make it publicly visible. The "Only Me" option is strictly private.

Date & Time of Occasion / Date To Be Sent:  We use the date of occasion, to send out automated reminders.  If you would prefer to select your own date, enter "Date To Be Sent".