About Skipwish

Skipwish is a free to use, all-in-one, gift registry website. Create gift lists/registries with items from all of your favorite online retailers and share them with friends and family. Some retailers offer cash back rebates if the items are purchased through a Skipwish Account. 

Create and share gift lists, to simplify shopping and get what you want. Register to receive rebates across the web, even after discounts.

Why does Skipwish need you to register an account?

Our tool offers the capability to create Gift Lists, Gift List Sharing, Create and Participate in Grab Bags (Secret Santas), and get Cash Back Rebates the whole time! You can share gift lists with other users on Skipwish or even Facebook and Twitter. Registered users are eligible to receive rebates up to 10% from Amazon, Target, and eBay online stores.  To learn more about rebates, visit https://www.skipwish.com/page/rebates-faq.  Here are some of our tools that you can benefit from:

  • Add gifts to your lists from any site on the web, without leaving the site!  Our EZ Gift Add App is a browser plugin that pulls data directly from the page you're shopping on.
  • Organize Grab Bags (Secret Santa) with your friends. Secret Santas are easy games to run but if your players are not all together, to do the drawing, it can be difficult.  Use our "Grab Bags" feature to run your game online and gain access to each user's gift list, to ease the gift shopping experience.
  • Store unregistered users as email addresses in our "My Community" feature, so you can share your registry with those stubborn family members who just won't register already!
  • Share your lists on social media, to expand your audience, or share with specific relationship groups.

Why skipwish.com?

We think that gift exchanges should be an enjoyable experience but we know that oftentimes, it's stressful. By creating gift lists that last beyond the fridge, we can simplify the shopping experience, so you know exactly what to buy and if you're tired of socks and underwear, it will ensure that you receive the gifts you truly want, too!

We also think it's silly that gift registries are offered at stores, only for shopping from that store. What if I want something from Bed Bath and Beyond, Crate and Barrel, Target, and Neiman Marcus? With Skipwish, that's now achievable.


skipwish.com is a family company and a subsidiary of Arcane Strategies