Skipwish Community

The Skipwish community offers our users the opportunity to have all their friends and family join in the fun and interactive gift-list community without the intrusion that most social network sites cause.  Our feature holds a multilayered security system managed by you simply and easily.  So age appropriate gifts, work appropriate gifts, and those lists for your significant other are protected from public sight. 




Whenever you link yourself to another member, you can assign them to specific relationships that help you regulate what gift lists that user can see. is devoted to improving the American family by offering an opportunity for families and friends to keep in touch and celebrate holidays together in a clean, child-friendly atmosphere.  Our community offers a very user friendly tool for people of all ages to use in addition to a list of discounts found only on


Once you register, you'll have the opportunity to take advantage of basic web community tools.



Customize your user profile with simple, non-intrusive, content for your gift givers to get a better understanding of your personalities and gift ideas.





Communicate with friends and family through the Dadstie Community and increase the security of your profile and gift lists.  Not to worry, there are many ways to search for friends and share your gift lists with both members of Skipwish and even users not registered! 






Share birthday wishes, guest book signatures, stories of your latest parties, photo albums, and more!


The Skipwish community is geared toward simplifying the complexities of the web and the annoyances of gift giving.  We've spent a lot of time working on our processes, simplifying the user experience, and extending our processes to users and their families, whether registered or not.  While you don't need to register to view gift lists, you must still have an approved email address and you must register if you wish to create an account or create gift lists.


Want to register but need help?  Don't worry!  We've installed question mark icons all over our site for quick reference, in addition to help links that are highlighted in orange on the left and main navigations for your reference.  These guides can not only answer your questions about how the site works and what each module provides but how to use them as well!


We're currently in the process of building out a Version 2 which will include never before seen applications that will make your shopping experience even easier!


We would love to hear your feedback.  If you would like to share your ideas with us and improve our program even more, we encourage you to submit your requests via "guest book" to our profile at "Info Skipwish".  Thanks and welcome, we hope you decide to join our family and become part of the next big internet sensation!