Skipwish EZ Gift Add App

We are pleased to announce that we have created an EZ Gift Add App that now makes shopping and setting up gift lists on Skipwish easier than ever. Using this great little tool directly combines the process of discovery shopping with gift registry creation. The process is absolutely seamless. No more toggling between web pages and copying and pasting links just to add a product to your gift list!

In this post, I will explain in detail exactly how to install and use the Skipwish EZ Gift Add App and share some screen captures so you know exactly what to do. The Skipwish EZ Gift Add App is a browser app so it works with the settings of your favorite browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox ...). Once the app is installed, a direct link is created back to your gift lists, even if you Skipwish account isn't open in your browser. By simply clicking on the Skipwish EZ Gift Add App on your bookmark bar you can automatically add any product from any web page to any of your gift lists. In addition, you can leave special instructions about the products you select like preferred size and color. This way when someone selects a gift from your list they will have all of the important information for ordering. No more guessing at the size and color of clothing and no more returns! Just follow the step-by-step instructions below and you will be set up in just a minute or two. 

Step One -  Join Skipwish. It's really simple and you've been through it hundreds of times before. Just enter your name, email address and create a password.

Step Two - Once you have registered, you will find yourself on the Skipwish homepage for your account. The first thing you will want to do is create your first gift list. You must have a gift list in order to save products from your web browser using the EZ Gift Add App. Just name your list, add a note if you wish, select who you would like to be able to view your list, enter your desired shipping/mailing address, and select the date of your occasion and the appropriate shipping date. Now you are ready to add the EZ App. 

Step Three - Click the EZ Gift Add App button. 

Step Four - After clicking the EZ App button a window will appear with instructions for your favorite browser. For Chrome and Safari, you just drag the wishlist tool directly into your bookmark toolbar. For Firefox and Internet Explorer just follow the simple steps listed in the instructions. 

Step Four - Step four is the best step, just go shopping! Once you settle on something you love, just click the EZ Add tool on your bookmark toolbar or list. A small window will appear. You can add notes here like size or color if you wish to make it easier for people using your list. Now just click the Add button. Your selection will be added to your list. If you have more than one list, you will need to select the desired list you wish to add the product before clicking the Add button.

Step Five (Optional) - When you complete your shopping spree you can go back to your Skipwish account and see that your items have been transferred to your list. Now the friends and family in your groups can shop you list and get you exactly what you want!