How do I get rebates?

You can see available rebates under the "My Rebates Wallet" tab on the left menu. Or in the alerts menu on the upper right corner of the screen, click the link "you've got rebates".

If you do not see any rebates in your wallet or have an alert, you do not yet have any rebates.

The rebates page has colored buttons for each a rebates status:

  • Green rebates are available for processing.
  • Blue rebates have been requested.
  • Purple rebates are being processed. 
  • Black are ineligible/declined.

Clicking a green rebate will submit your rebates for review with our finance team. Once purchases are confirmed, you will receive an email direct from our staff confirming your rebates with next steps.

Please note that you must collect a minimum of $15 in rebates to be eligible for payment. Not all listed rebates are eligible as they are subject to verification of each vendor's rebate policies and purchase verification.