Share Your Gift List & Add Friends

Step 1 - Add People To Groups

Your list is now shared with certain groups (or made public), now add people to those gruops:

  1. Use search to find people by first and/or last name, then click send friend request , select your relationship type, and send relationship type
  2. Click "Invite Friends", to invite people to Skipwish. To invite more people, click add more friends.  Click Send Invite, to complete it.
  3. You can also add non-regsistered people by email on "My Community".  Select the "Gift Givers Addresses" tab and click the "Add Gift Giver" button.
    gift givers by address

Step 2 - Share With Individual People

To share the list with a specific person, select "Actions" > "Add Gift Giver To List".

Add Gift Giver

Step 3 - Share

If you want to share your list on social media, select the social share icon, if available: