Best Gag Gift Ideas For Every Occasion

Are you looking for a unique and hilarious gag gift that will have your friends and family in stitches? Look no further! From the rated R adult humor to simple kid friendly gags, we've got you covered with our curated list of gag gifts. Whether it's a silly stocking stuffer (every adult loves a great gag gift for christmas) or an over-the-top present, we've scoured the internet to bring you the best gag gift ideas. Get ready to laugh out loud as we explore some of the most side-splitting gag gifts available today!

Before Buying Gag Gift Check-List

There are three questions you should ask yourself before purchasing a gag gift that can point you in the proper direction of where to go and what to get.

Am I looking for a “Rated R” gag gift or “PG”?

If you are looking for an “adult” gag gift you will obviously be going to different locations or websites. We will list gift options below later in the article but keep this in mind when google searching. Many websites and even stores cater to one or the other.

What is my gag gift price range?

We will list different range options below, but having a lower budget tends to push you more toward online outlets rather than Novelty stores like Spencers if you’re looking to buy on your own.

Is this gag gift being delivered directly to the person?

If so, by mail, keep in mind someone else may open it. Couples often open up each other's mail, and with Amazon boxes arriving daily in many households, kids now do the same. 

Once these questions are answered you’ll find it easier to narrow down the gift type, where to go, or if nothing else, what exactly to search for. 

Cheap Thrills: Best Gag Gifts Under $20

If you're looking for a cheap thrill when it comes to gag gifts, we've got you covered. Here are our top picks for the best gag gifts under $20:

Snake on a String: Great to bring out to the golf course or to a family picnic. You simply put a clip on the back of your prank target’s shirt, and a fake snake connected to a 3 foot invisible string is now behind them. Tap them on the shoulder and watch them run in circles screaming!

Fake Lottery Tickets: These fake lottery tickets are sure to get a rise out of your friends or family members who are degenerate gamblers and waiting for that day to come. Here is your chance to poke at them a bit. Just don’t let them quit their jobs!

Prank Mailers: Warning, these mailers are normally “adult” only. You can anger your Republican/Democrat in-laws by sending a “Proud Biden or Trump Supporter - Thank You for your donation” mailer. You can send a “In-home STD test” to your best buddies house and let the fireworks fly! 

Fake Parking Tickets:This hilarious prank should be filmed. Watch your buddy angrily shake his head and look around as he swore there wasn’t any parking violation committed. 

Fake Box Covers: You can put your real gift inside of a box that has a hysterical fake gift art cover. Amazon sells all sorts of versions so take your time and find the best one! We really like the “My First Fire” kit childrens gift prank box cover.

Gag Gifts For Kids and Youngsters

The Classic Whoopee Cushion: This timeless prank never gets old. Slip it under a chair or sofa cushion and watch as your victim jumps in surprise when it makes its signature fart sound.

Jellybean “Unique” Flavors: You can get jelly beans that taste like dirty socks, dead fish, sweaty underwear, and worse! Tell your kids you found a new flavor and make them guess what it is!

Poo-Pourre: Otherwise known as, fart spray. Spray it near your kids and point the finger their way!

Unique Gag Gift Exchange Ideas for Special Occasions

Whether you’re looking for a white elephant gift exchange, a Secret Santa present, or just a personal Christmas gift to make the room chuckle, we have you covered. Let’s go over some unique ideas you can use for gift exchanges or special occasions.

A Personalized Bobblehead - Make sure to exaggerate certain features or make this bobblehead wear a hat or shirt your friend would never wear.

Shock’d Golf Balls - Throw your buddies one of these when he is about to tee off, and film their reaction. Something between a shotgun and sonic boom fills the air after impact and anyone within 100 yards radius is turning their head in disbelief. 

Giant Box… Filled With Toilet Paper - For white elephant exchanges, this will be a hit. Buying 48 rolls of toilet paper, and wrapping it up will ensure you have the largest gift at the exchange. People will be wondering what it is, and when someone finally opens it…you’ll get a room full of laughs. Also, it won’t go to waste, right?

Giant Cut Out or Fathead - Featheads are sticker versions of giant cut outs. You can order an athlete or celebrity that your friends and family hate to make it even better.

Toilet Night Light - For those husbands who struggle with accuracy or for aging couples, this is both practical and funny.

Belly Fanny Pack - You can get fanny packs with an image of what looks like a belly hanging out of a shirt printed on. It’s an eye turner, and great for dads running to the airport with multiple kids and not enough hands.


Best Options For Delivering Gag Gifts

This is such an underrated part of the gag gift process. Let’s run down a checklist of musts when thinking about how best to optimize the gag gift experience.

Have Your Camera Ready: Make this gag gift the gift that keeps on giving. How? By re-living the moment via video when your gag gift was opened. Yes, it’s great to live in the moment, but the reactions can be shared to those who were not there and live on forever!

Don’t Blow It: Don’t just keep it a secret from the person receiving the gift, but rather everyone who may be around. If you purchase the fake snake on a string, you might as well see how all your buddies react on the course and keep it authentic. You never know, as you may get even funnier responses from the bystanders. 

Anonymous: The mailers talked about earlier can be delivered anonymously. It is sometimes the best way to truly prank a friend or colleague or even someone dare I say, you are not fond of. Obviously, you won’t see the reaction, but the thought experiment going on in their heads about who could have done this may be even more amusing.

Curated Party Favors: The bachelorette, bachelor, or even engagement party crew receiving a small bag of multiple gag gifts is always a hit. You can also do this for adult birthday parties or even extend a more PG version for office parties.

Gag gifts are a great way to lighten up the office or family holiday parties. They also are a great ice breaker for events or trips where you may not know everyone. Whether you’re looking for something funny for the holidays or for a best friend, we hope this info and list helped!